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Used to be Alright Video Shoot

November 3, 1996

When I was 19 I discovered Internet Relay Chat, and often spend hours a night hanging out in #ime on undernet and efnet.  While there I met many like individuals interested in I Mother Earth, we discovered one day one of our peers were in fact Jagori’s girlfriend, and she put me +1 on the guestlist for their upcoming video shoot for Used to be Alright.   I was/am very shy, so originally I wasn’t going to go, but after talking with Desiree on #ime she convinced me to go, so I asked my parents for a lift up to Toronto (2hr drive), and I called up Fernando and asked if he wanted to come along.

We arrived late, and unfortunately I wasn’t able to get in on the guestlist.   It was a learning experience I would never forget as I always made sure to buy tickets even though from then on we were always on the guestlist for IME concerts.  Plus I’d prefer to support the artist by buying a ticket.   We waited in line for 2 hrs in the freezing cold with nothing but a thin shirt, once we got inside we found a spot against a railing as I had no desire to be in amongst the crowd or trying to get my head in the music video.   After a few hour of playing the same song over and over, the band did a short set to thank the fans.

Nearing the end of the night I spotted some people gathering that I had a hunch were from #ime, and I got up the nerve to approach them.   It turns out I was right, and I found out we were all going backstage to meet the band.  The following photos document the night.

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