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I Mother Earth – Whistler ‘2000

May 15, 2000

We drove up to Whistler to see I Mother Earth play, this would be our third time seeing Brian as the front-man.   We saw I Mother Earth play a few months prior, at the Croation Cultural Center with Finger Eleven opening.   Our first time seeing Brian was in the summer of ’99 when we were invited to a media only/radio winners gig at the Starfish Room.   Unfortunately it was a 19+ venue, and I forgot my ID, so I had embarassingly was introduced to Brian, and then Bruce snuck me into the back entrance.   The band took some heat from security, but in the end they relented.  We also came to see Limblifter which were big favourites of Desiree’s.    We always joked about how this was the most expensive concert we had been to, the concert itself was free, but the hotel cost us 300 bucks.   This record has since been surpassed with our Arcade Fire/Seattle trip.

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