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January 1, 2011

So when Sadie was 9 weeks old she started her first obedience class.  We thoroughly enjoyed our evenings at TNT Kennels.  We learned a lot and Sadie is definitely master sitting, down, around, stand, and some hand targeting.  On the last class we did musical chair type game with all the dogs, playing music and the last one to sit was out, with the winner being the final sitter.  Sadie won!  She also won the same game, but this time we were practising “down” instead of sit.   Anyway, the one thing she needs a lot of practise with was “WAIT”.  The way we have been practising this is with treats.  I tell her to sit, or down and then put the treat a few feet away and tell her to wait.  She is not allowed to grab the treat until I say “okay!”.  Wait has been a hard one for a super impatient, full of beans puppy like Sadie, but today our practises went off without a hitch.  Some photographic proof!

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