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She’s so big!

January 16, 2011

I cannot believe how big Sadie has gotten.  It’s amazing to think a few short months ago we brought her home as this adorable ball of fuzz.  She really looks like a golden retriever now.  Although it’s sad to see the cute puppy go, I am so thrilled with the amazing gorgeous dog that she’s becoming.  She’s absolutely beautiful, and her fur is like velvet.  She has also gotten more cuddly of late; opting to cuddle with me or Trav on the couch or the bed.  And since she is completely potty trained, we let her out of crate at night, and sometimes she crawls into bed with us.  I am always more than happy to snuggle! 

She has been having a case of the “wilful teenagers” lately, not listening as well as she was; but we are persevering, making sure we reward her good behaviour and ignore/manage the bad stuff!  Anyway here are a few photos of the last week or two.  We’ve been having some very cold/snowy/wet/rainy weather of late, which makes it harder to take the camera out, but I do as often as I can.

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