Spring? Where are you?

March 2, 2011

So at the tail end of February, we got another blast of extreme cold and snow.  Of course this never keeps us from going out with Sadie.  She doesn’t care if it’s wet, hot, cold, whatever.  As long as we are out, running, meeting dogs, playing with the ball, hiking in the woods, generally having fun.  I will admit to really really missing warm weather and sunny days.  I’m so looking forward to my garden starting to sprout and trips to the lake and the first time Sadie really goes swimming!  Anyway, here are a few pictures from the last couple of days:

 Sadie has a new love, and that is the chuck it orange balls.  She loves playing fetch all of sudden and always willing to go grab that ball.  Unless Trav throws it too far then she is not willing to find it!
 My Ball!  She’s actually really great at “drop it” which is so nice.
 I am muddy, and you guys are lagging behind as always.
 She staring at this little flock of robins that invaded the park.  I guess that’s a sign of spring?  It was funny watching her chase them off!
At least the sky looked pretty!

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