A week of swimming

March 29, 2011

Since Sadie took that proverbial plunge into the river last week, she’s been a swimming fool.  Everywhere we go and there is water, she’s in there like a dirty shirt.  Luckily our local park where we go for most of our walks has a lovely little creek that pools in one area that’s just deep enough for her to go for a little swim.  We also had a trip planned into Vancouver so we could go to the aquarium and we decided to bring Sadie along and stop for lunch at the beach so she could go swimming.  She had an absolutely fantastic time swimming in the ocean, even though a doodle kept stealing her stick and the waves were scary at first.  The best part of swimming is all the fantastic exercise she gets.  She is so tired after her swim that she usually spends the rest of the day, sleeping in her dog bed.

My husband and I were commenting on the way home from one of our many trips to the park this week how lucky we got with Sadie.  She’s such a sweet, cuddly, calm, mellow, fun loving dog.  She’s so eager to please, and so easy to train.  She’s just a dream.  And I have to say she sure is beautiful.

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