Sunshine, glorious sunshine!

May 25, 2011

Last week we had three whole days of glorious sunshine.  We took Sadie out the park, she rolled around in dandelions, she went swimming, she napped in the sunshine.  It was absolutely fantastic.  And course when it’s beautiful, I make sure I bring my camera along so I can take photos of our adventures!

Sadie looking cute in the grass resting after some ball chasing.
This is my most favorite of the photos I’ve taken recently.  I love how her head is turned to the sun and how her tongue is illuminated by it.
 Sadie playing chase with McGee, and almost keeping up with him.  Sadie is not the fastest runner, so this is accomplishment.
Sticks, sticks more STICKS!!!!!
 Sadie looking noble in the flowers.

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