I Mother Earth @ Commodore – Nov 2012

November 3, 2012

We’ve both watched IME live approximately 12 times, but they had been on hiatus, and so we hadn’t seen them live since around 2003.   They released the new single “We Got the Love”, and started touring to support it.

We use to meet up with all of our online friends before the concerts, and this year was no different.  We had people flying in from all over the country, and we met up at a restaurant a couple hours before the concert started.   One of them, Nancy is from Nova Scotia, and she stayed with us during her trip to BC.  We met new people, caught up with old ones, and arrived at the venue quite early, and got a spot in front of Jag.   Typically we don’t stand so close to the stage, as I hate getting pushed around.   However, we decided to mix it up this time, and surprisingly it was a tame crowd behind us which was nice.   The rowdies were in the middle 🙂

The band of course didn’t disappoint playing all of our favourites, and afterwards we went to the green room where typically people talk to the band.   Both Desiree and I are fairly shy, and did the typical hello/how are you’s, then stood in the corner, and waited until it was time to go.  Regretably, we didn’t talk to Bruce, as we didn’t want to disturb him while he talked to others, and had I known it would have been the last time we saw him play with IME, I would have forced myself to go say hello.   Unfortunately, we found out afterwards, he came out to see if we were still there after security kicked everyone out, which made me kick myself even more for not speaking up.   I thought I had gotten over the social anxiety, as I’ve gotten so much better in the work place, but I guess it still doesn’t quite match up with talking to rock stars.


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