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Canoeing – Widgeon Creek

August 12, 2014

We haven’t gone canoeing in years, in fact the last time we touched foot in a canoe was around 14 years prior. We’ve wanted to get out in the water for a while now. We finally bit the bullet, and drove to Pitt Meadows on our vacation and rented a Clipper from a canoe rental facility at the Grant Narrows.

I had canoed Widgeon about fifteen years ago with a couple co-workers from my previous employer, and remembered the fantastic scenery and have always wanted to take Desiree on the same trip. It turned out to be perfect weather, not too hot or cold. The walk to the falls was a little longer then I remembered it, but the canoe trip was as calm, and relaxing as I remembered it. The trip solidified our ambition, and plan to buy our own canoe next summer (2016).

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