Upgraded to Glamping

February 2, 2019

In the fall of 2018 we discussed upgrading from tenting as we were getting tired of waking to wet walls and packing up a wet campsite. We also disliked having to pack up everything into our car when we leave the campsite for the beach etc, so we knew a tent trailer was out of the question since this would require the same procedures. I spent the next 3-4 months researching choices. We broke down a few dozen trailers of different makes, models and build types. I wasn’t quite satisifed with what I was reading, and the build quality of the so called ‘stick’ trailers looked flimsy and of poor quality for the type of money they were asking. I didn’t want to spend 15-20k only to buy a trailer that was going to leak and fall apart 10 years.

This was when I stumbled on the Escape build video showing the in depth construction of a fiberglass trailer.

I realized pretty quickly they were built in Chilliwack so we drove the factory to look at them in person. We were sold once we saw them, they were quite a bit more money then we were hoping to spend but at the end of the day they last decades and have exceptionally high resale values. An added bonus was the ability to customize the trailer right down to the interior materials used. We had them add two solar panels, backup camera, power awning, oven, an AC, a few extra usb/12v outlets, a couple extra windows, a U shaped dinnette, and custom flooring/fabric/counters.




We then needed to decide whether to upgrade our car, or stick with it in the interim. Our Kia has a tow rating of 5000lb and a 500lb tongue rating the trailer is about 4200lb fully loaded so its getting pretty close tot he cars max especially when climbing mountains. Ultimately we decided to keep the car until we do our usual refresh at 10 years or 250k km. Now we’re just waiting until an EV comes out capable of towing probably around 2024.

We put a deposit on December 10th 2018, had our build sheet in by Feb 1st, and told we would be able to pick it up in May of 2019.

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