Weight Loss

Continued Struggle

September 19, 2020

As noted in my post in 2015, I’ve struggled with my weight for most of my adult life. I’ve yoyo’d between 185lb and 270lb multiple times. Usually coinciding with when we move offices and the bike commuting stops as its a lot easier to keep the weight off when your riding your bike 40-80km a day multiple times a week. We’ve been working from home for the most part full-time for the last 5-6 years, before that we’d go into an office anywhere from 1-3 days a week.

I’m currently sitting at about 272lb, luckily I started getting heavily back into weight lifting about a year ago and lifting heavy this time, so my lean body mass is about 20-30lb higher then it was when I was down to 185lb so I don’t have quite as much to lose as it would appear. One thing I’ve learned over the years is really doesn’t matter what you eat, but how much you eat. The only success I had was when I was either burning a shit ton of calories to make how much I ate not matter, or I ensured I consumed less then 2000 calories a day to compensate for my sitting on my ass for 80 hrs a week.

I was on a good path about 6 weeks ago and down to about 262lb while continuing to shatter all my personal bests in lifting but ended up giving myself a nagging shoulder/elbow problem by refusing to slow down and let it rest. I’ve finally after 6 weeks off weight lifting been able to wake up with no pain, but I’ve also gained back everything I lost. I hoping my post will re-invigorate me into getting my ass back into gear.

My metrics for the last 14 years to show the depth of my yoyoing are below.

My last measurement I took before my injury in early August I sat at 262.2lb and 24% body fat. I fear to check where I’m currently at as I know for sure everything feels tight as hell. Tomorrow will be Day 1 for me, I need to refocus on my goal, with a strategy to lose 1-1.5lb a week in order to ensure I lose minimal muscle as possible and will get me where I want to be post pandemic next summer.

My short term goals are to get back to where I was in early August by December.

My Goals – Short Term – Dec 2020
Weight: 258lb
Bodyfat: 22%
Bench Press: 275lb
Squats: 290lb
Deadlift: 365lb
Shoulder Press: 158lb

My Goals – Long Term – July 2021
Weight: 220lb
Bodyfat: 14%
Bench Press: 295lb
Squats: 315lb
Deadlift: 395lb
Shoulder Press: 175lb

I’m going to do this with the following objectives:

  • Weight training 3x a week for 45 mins
  • Require that all “pokemon go” play, must be done at a leisurely pace on the air bike.. usually takes 60-75min to get through my daily battles
  • Get back to mountain biking or golfing 1x per week
  • Eating low carb 4x a week, moderate/high carb 3x a week, and consuming less then 2000cal a day. I’ll adjust as I go.

Speaking of pokemon go, for those that play, feel free to add my accounts: travdes (465253346361), or my alt travdesdeux (994454259197).

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