Our new wheels

October 25, 2020

As many of you are aware I’ve been kinda obsessed with EV’s for years, and always vowed to one day have one. We’re a one car family and were waiting to buy an EV that wasn’t Model X money but still fit our lifestyle. Once we got our trailer that made things more complicated so we vowed to wait it out for the Rivian R1S or Cybertrk.
The R1S was above what I wanted to pay and the Cybertrk was way too big, but fit all of our other criteria. I reserved it the night it was unveiled as a backup plan in case nothing else came out.

We recently decided we wanted a better tow vehicle for camping in the interim and after running the numbers I found it was the same cost for us over the long term to have 2 cars with our main car being an EV then it was for us to buy an older Truck/SUV to be used as a daily driver & tow vehicle. We decided to buy a Tesla Model Y as our main car, and later in the spring we’ll be looking to get a 2nd car for towing our camper. I’m also exploring the possibility of renting a truck for the once every 3-4 weeks we go camping half the year.

We had an appt for the showroom on Nov 12th where we had hoped to put down a deposit, and driving our new midlife crisis car by xmas.

Unfortunately becuase of the new lock down put forth two days prior we had to cancel so on Nov 28th, we made the decision to just buy the car without a test drive. With Tesla everything is done via online forms and email. We were contacted on Dec 7th and told we could book a day to pick up our car, we choose Dec 13th. We arrived 20 mins early for our appt, so we did a quick once over on our car in the lot. Paperwork with Tesla took maybe 10 minutes, and ICBC was about 30. We were in and out with our new car in under 45 minutes. Definitely the most painless car buying experience we’ve ever had. We’ve now had the car for 3 months, and still loving it as much as day 1. We went from 300 a month gas bills to a 90 dollar electricity bill, and virtually no maintenance.

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