Sunshine, glorious sunshine!

May 25, 2011

Last week we had three whole days of glorious sunshine.  We took Sadie out the park, she rolled around in dandelions, she went swimming, she napped in the sunshine.  It was absolutely fantastic.  And course when it’s beautiful, I make sure I bring my camera along so I can take photos of our adventures!

Sadie looking cute in the grass resting after some ball chasing.
This is my most favorite of the photos I’ve taken recently.  I love how her head is turned to the sun and how her tongue is illuminated by it.
 Sadie playing chase with McGee, and almost keeping up with him.  Sadie is not the fastest runner, so this is accomplishment.
Sticks, sticks more STICKS!!!!!
 Sadie looking noble in the flowers.

Mother’s Day

May 9, 2011

So today, Mother’s Day I went for walk with my two babies Mallory (human) and Sadie (dog).  We went to our favourite park where there is this field of dandelions. It looks so beautiful.  Who knew weeds could be pretty?  We went with my Mum and her dog McGee, and I got some nice shots of them frolicking in the flowers.  It wasn’t the most beautiful day, but it wasn’t freezing cold and it wasn’t raining.  After we were done, we realised that Sadie’s feet were completely yellow from all the flowers!

Mal and Sadie posing in the flowers!
Sadie and McGee fighting over the stick.
Yellow feet!

Sweet, beautiful Sadie

April 22, 2011

It’s hard to believe that 7 months ago this beautiful dog wasn’t in my life yet.  Sadie has brought so much happiness and joy in my life that my heart often bursts with it.  I cannot ever understand those it’s “just a dog” people.  Sadie is the dog of my heart; and has filled a spot that has been empty since I lost my beautiful Madison, 14 years ago.  Sadie is so loving, fun and sweet.  Just a joy to have everyday.  Everyone deserves a dog like Sadie, and I’m so lucky to have her.

Anyway we were out in the garden this evening, poking around at my perennials which are taking forever to grow and bloom because of the cold weather.  The sun was beautiful and golden so I got a few nice shots of Sadie.


White Rock

April 16, 2011

It was such a nice day yesterday we decided to go for a drive, and let Sadie swim in the ocean.  There is nothing more delightful than watching her run through the waves.  It was a little cold for the humans, but Sadie seemed happier than a pig in mud. She met a very adorable chocolate lab who was only 5 months old and delighted to find another puppy to play with.  The romped and played and stole each others sticks.  It was adorable.

 Flying down the beach after Travis in search of sticks!
 Duel sniffing!
Beware the Kraken!!!
Sadie walks on water.

Hanging out with friends.

April 5, 2011

On Sunday Sadie got to go to the dog park with a couple of my friends and their dogs.  Boomer an adorable yellow lab and Zoe a wonderful Bernase Mountain Dog.  We had a great time, playing running and being worn out.  After she was home she slept for the rest of the day!  Bliss!


A week of swimming

March 29, 2011

Since Sadie took that proverbial plunge into the river last week, she’s been a swimming fool.  Everywhere we go and there is water, she’s in there like a dirty shirt.  Luckily our local park where we go for most of our walks has a lovely little creek that pools in one area that’s just deep enough for her to go for a little swim.  We also had a trip planned into Vancouver so we could go to the aquarium and we decided to bring Sadie along and stop for lunch at the beach so she could go swimming.  She had an absolutely fantastic time swimming in the ocean, even though a doodle kept stealing her stick and the waves were scary at first.  The best part of swimming is all the fantastic exercise she gets.  She is so tired after her swim that she usually spends the rest of the day, sleeping in her dog bed.

My husband and I were commenting on the way home from one of our many trips to the park this week how lucky we got with Sadie.  She’s such a sweet, cuddly, calm, mellow, fun loving dog.  She’s so eager to please, and so easy to train.  She’s just a dream.  And I have to say she sure is beautiful.


And She Swims!

March 21, 2011

We decided to go to Maple Ridge today to walk on their dyke system and stop at this great dog park they have so Sadie could run and play before having to spend the rest of the walk on leash.  The dog park is situated right on the river, so the dogs can swim if they want.  When we got there, Sadie went into the water and watched some other dogs go swimming, but was way too afraid to actually swim herself.  We stood around for 15 minutes or so, while she played but determinedly stayed in the shallow part of the water.  We decided to walk a little further down the river, so we could see if she would swim where there were no other dogs. And low and behold that’s exactly what she did.  We got a few sticks and through them out not so far so she wouldn’t be too afraid of going in. She kind of eased herself into an area over her head and started swimming.  After, we went back to the other area (it was decidedly less muddy) and after a little hesitation swimming in front of the other dogs, she was in full force; swimming out grabbing sticks acting like she has been doing this forever.  It was amazing!

 Going in, after the stick
 Almost over my head….
 Soaking wet!  She looks so skinny with her fur wet!!!
 A serious swimmer now!


Sadie Almost Swims

March 20, 2011
IMG_0298 a video by meeghead on Flickr.

Now with spring in the air we are anticipating the moment when Sadie makes the great leap into the water for a real swim. Today was almost that day. She went in deeper than she’s ever been in before but did not quite make that leap into the unknown. With fantastic almost warm weather on the horizon for the next week or so we are planning a few trips to places with dogs to swim so she can have a few more attempts. I cannot wait for her actually start swimming!


Spring? Where are you?

March 2, 2011

So at the tail end of February, we got another blast of extreme cold and snow.  Of course this never keeps us from going out with Sadie.  She doesn’t care if it’s wet, hot, cold, whatever.  As long as we are out, running, meeting dogs, playing with the ball, hiking in the woods, generally having fun.  I will admit to really really missing warm weather and sunny days.  I’m so looking forward to my garden starting to sprout and trips to the lake and the first time Sadie really goes swimming!  Anyway, here are a few pictures from the last couple of days:

 Sadie has a new love, and that is the chuck it orange balls.  She loves playing fetch all of sudden and always willing to go grab that ball.  Unless Trav throws it too far then she is not willing to find it!
 My Ball!  She’s actually really great at “drop it” which is so nice.
 I am muddy, and you guys are lagging behind as always.
 She staring at this little flock of robins that invaded the park.  I guess that’s a sign of spring?  It was funny watching her chase them off!
At least the sky looked pretty!

It’s almost feeling like spring!

February 20, 2011

It’s been fantastically beautiful out the past couple of days and lucky enough we made it to the park yesterday for a small hike and walk.  Sadie as usual, had a blast, roaming through the woods, running in the streams, playing with the dogs we met.  As we walk through the woods, she loves going up a little ways all the side trails we pass.  It’s like she’s a ranger, make sure all the pathways are safe for travel.  More likely, she’s looking for new people to meet, new dogs to sniff and play with, and maybe a bird or two to chase.

Practising “Sit” and “Wait” on the trail.  We’ve been trying to do some of our basic obedience in places other than class and at home.

“Hello Boston Terrier, IT’S ON!!!”

Getting owned by boston terrier that’s about 1/3 her size.  Her move is always to get on her back and kick and bit legs.  Pretty adorable!

On the trail on the way back to car.  Always waiting for you guys to catch up!

Hurry up Mum, your so SLOW!

So beautiful and sunny!

Posing for the camera!

Stalk the ducks.  The ducks always think Sadie is going to feed them.  Not the smartest ducks!        
After a hard days run, sleeping it off with her favourite stuffed goose.  It’s like her baby!