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Belbin is a locational surname that no longer exists on maps, Belbin was likely derived from Belben or Belbon.

You can see the family tree starting with Lorenzo, click each parent name to see a breakdown of sources/information for each person, or you can find dependencies on the bottom.

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[Intro -], grandpa and her siblings.

Captain James Bellman’s Ancestry

James was born Feb 7th, 1882 in Seal Cove, Trinity Bay, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada to Eli Belben, and Anne Frances.  James was born James Belbin, but he was a ship Captain, and during the 1920’s he ran rum to / from the USA and was wanted by US authorities, so he changed his last name to Bellman.   He married Eleanor Anne Noseworthy in 1910, and they had 8 children.    Their son Wilson died on Oct 30th, 1944 in World War 2.   He’s buried in Maldegem, Arrondissement Eeklo, East Flanders (Oost-Vlaanderen), Belgium, at the Adegem Canadian War Cemetery.

Eli Belbin

Born August 10th, 1843 in Seal Cove Trinity Bay, Newfoundland to William Belbin, and Jane Poole.   He married Ann Frances, and they had seven kids.    Eli died in July 1915, in Seal Cove.

William Belbin

Born in 1820, in Seal Cove, Newfoundland to William Belbin, and Magdalene Harris.    William married Jane in 1842, and unfortunately she died only a few years after Eli was born.   He died 1875 in Seal Cove.

William Belbin

Born in 1777, in Conception Bay, Newfoundland to William Bellman, and Elizabeth Marshall.   He married Mary Jones in 1807, in Mosquito, Conception Bay.   They had 1 child, and then he married Magdalene Harris in 1818 in Seal Cove.   They had 11 kids, and he died on June 24th, 1866 in Seal Cove.

William Belbin Sr.

William was born in 1750, in Newfoundland to James Belbin.   He married Elizabeth Marshall on Nov 6th, 1776 in Mosquito, Newfoundland.    They had seven kids, born and raised in Mosquito.  William died on Mar 17th, 1807.

James Belbin

Born in 1732, in Child Oxford, Dorset, England to Robert Young Belbin, and Elizabeth Viney.  James moved to Newfoundland, Canada around 1750.   His wife is unknown.   We were able to trace the Belbin’s back to Nathan Bellow Belbin from 1685, Sturminister Newton, Dorset, England.

Elizabeth Marshall

Born in 1750, unfortunately we weren’t able to find her parents.

Magdalene Harris

She was born in 1790, in Newfoundland, we’re unsure of who her parents are.    She died on May 10th, 1874.

Jane Poole

Jane was born in 1823 (unknown location).  We aren’t sure who her parents were, but she married William Belbin in 1842 in Mosquito, Newfoundland.   She died in 1854 in Seal Cove.

Ann Frances

Almost nothing is known about Ann Frances, except that she died in 1904.

Eleanor Anne Noseworthy’s Ancestry

Born in 1886, in Bromyard, Herefordshire, England.   She married James Belbin in 1910, and had 6 children.   She died in 1963, in Greenwood Nova Scotia.

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