Butcher Family Tree

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The name Butcher came from England with our ancestors originating in the Norman Conquest in 1066.

You can see the family tree starting with Lloyd, click each parent name to see a breakdown of sources/information for each person, or you can find dependencies on the bottom.


We were able to track our butcher family back to Richard Butcher and Phebe Turrell born in the 1780’s in England.   Their son William Butcher, moved to Canada and settled in the Walsingham area with his wife Mary Ann Hammond, also born in England.

They had a son named David, born in Chippewa in 1844, he married Emily Pittman in 1868 in Norfolk.   Emily’s family dates back to England in the 1780’s as well, her parents Samuel Henry Pitman, and Sarah Careless were both in England in 1818.

David and Emily had six kids, one of them was named Frank, he was born in 1871 in Walsingham.  Frank married Ida Arementa Lampkin in 1897 in Walsingham, they had five children.   Lloyd was born in 1912, also in Walsingham.   Lloyd married Rhae Mae , unfortunately I know very little about Rhea Mae except that she died during complications with surgery when she was just 38 years old in 1955.    They had two boys named Robert, and William both born in Brantford, Ontario.

Robert, married Patricia Petrie and the rest is history….

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