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New family member

September 18, 2018

We felt that Brinkley needed a playmate so we started looking at local rescues for a dog. Desiree stumbled on a litter in Surrey rescued from a Saskatchewan farm. We were told they were Berneses crossed with Border Collies. When we arrived one of the puppies started cuddling with Desiree, so she was immediately sold.

We named him Wilson after the volleyball to stick with our tradition of naming our pets after Tom Hanks movies.


New Addition to our Family

August 25, 2017

We were fortunate enough to be introduced to Shannon Scheer of Eirene’s Goldens through a mutual friend.  With everything we went through with Sadie getting cancer at such a young age, we wanted to ensure we reduced the risk and got our new puppy from a highly reputable and respected breeder.  Shannon has been fantastic right from the start, nothing but professional, and caring with every one of her puppies.

Shannon is based out of Calgary, so we left Mission at 1am on March 10th in the middle of a snow storm.  We arrived in Calgary around 230 and spent a good deal of time playing with the puppies and being introduced to Brinkley’s mum, aunt and older brother.   From the start I was leaning towards the red girl, based on the videos / photos Shannon had sent us the first 8 weeks.  When we arrived and met them, and saw the personality profiles it solidified in my eyes the red girl was the one for us.

We stayed in a hotel that evening with Brinkley and drove home the next morning on March 11th, Brinkley was fantastic the entire drive home given it was her first time with us, and it was such a long boring drive.  We knew pretty early on she was much more wilful, and smart then we were use to, and she was easily bored.   So we immediate got her into puppy classes, and knew we’d need to keep up with obedience and keep her very active to keep her out of trouble.

She did fantastic, we probably didn’t practice as much as we should have the first few weeks but Brinkley picked up on everything so fast.   We started the classes when she was 9 weeks, she was the youngest in the class but she had so much confidence it wasn’t intimidating at all for her.  By the end of the 6 weeks she caught up to the other dogs in size.   We followed up a couple months after the class ended with basic obedience, she was by far the youngest again but did amazing, and received 151 out of 150 on her final exam.

Brinkley loves to swim, run and wrestle, and generally gets up to no good if she’s bored, so she keeps us busy keeping her out of trouble.