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Top Fives

September 20, 2020

Just a fun little post of my top fives…..

Top Five Concerts

  1. Arcade Fire – the Gorge – 2014
  2. Arcade Fire – Pacific Coliseum – 2017
  3. Stone Temple Pilots – QET – 2001
  4. I Mother Earth – The Warehouse – 1997
  5. Edgefest 97 (2x) – 1997

Top Five Albums

  1. Stone Temple Pilots – Core
  2. I Mother Earth – Quicksilver Meat Dream
  3. I Mother Earth – Scenery and Fish
  4. Arcade Fire – The Suburbs
  5. Blind Melon – Nico

Top Five Bands/Musicians

  1. Stone Temple Pilots
  2. I Mother Earth
  3. Arcade Fire
  4. Tegan and Sara
  5. The Watchmen

Top Five Bands/Musicians from the 90’s

  1. Stone Temple Pilots
  2. I Mother Earth
  3. The Watchmen
  4. Nirvana
  5. Marvelous 3

Top Five Artists

  1. Salvador Dali
  2. Lawren Harris
  3. Leonid Afremov
  4. Emily Carr
  5. Linda Mackey

Top Five Outdoors Activities

  1. Mountain Biking
  2. Cycling
  3. Golfing
  4. Canoeing
  5. Hiking

Top Five Sports to Watch on TV

  1. Baseball
  2. CFL
  3. Hockey
  4. Ski Cross
  5. Adventure Racing

Top Five Sports to Play

  1. Mountain Biking
  2. Football
  3. Golfing
  4. Darts
  5. Baseball

Top Five Sports to Watch Live

  1. Hockey
  2. Baseball
  3. Football
  4. Softball
  5. Darts

Top Five Documentaries

  1. Long Way Around
  2. Long Way Down
  3. Blackfish
  4. Exit through the gift shop
  5. Icarus

Top Five Movies watched in Theater

  1. Matrix
  2. Avatar
  3. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
  4. Dark Knight Rises
  5. Avengers

Top Five Movies

  1. Matrix
  2. Braveheart
  3. Avengers
  4. Shawshank Redemption
  5. Lord of the Rings

Top Five Movies from 90’s

  1. Matrix
  2. The Crow
  3. Braveheart
  4. Shawshank Redemption
  5. True Lies

Top Five Movies from 80’s

  1. Teen Wolf
  2. Die Hard
  3. Star Wars
  4. Back to the Future
  5. Goonies

Top Five Xmas Movies

  1. Die Hard
  2. Home Alone
  3. A christmas Story
  4. Elf
  5. Santa Claus the Movie

Top Five Action Movies

  1. Braveheart
  2. Gladiator
  3. Taken
  4. Deadpool
  5. Ong-Bak

Top Five Comedies

  1. Spaceballs
  2. Step Brothers
  3. Superbad
  4. Galaxy Quest
  5. Monty Python and the holy Grail

Top Five Dramas

  1. Shawshank Redemption
  2. American History X
  3. Green Mile
  4. Good Will Hunting
  5. Truman Show

Top Five Rom Coms

  1. Princess Bride
  2. Notting Hill
  3. The Proposal
  4. Wedding Singer
  5. First 50 Dates

Top Five TV Shows

  1. Lost
  2. Heroes
  3. Saturday Night Live
  4. Battlestar Galactica
  5. The Wire

Top Five Restaurants/Eateries

  1. Oakwood Bistro – Vancouver
  2. Heartwood Kitchen – Ucluelet
  3. The Red Wagon – Vancouver
  4. The Combine – Simcoe
  5. Brodeurs – Abbotsford

Top Five Pizza Places

  1. Serious Pie – Seattle
  2. Via Tevere – Vancouver
  3. Pizzeria Barbarella – Vancouver (use to have a place in abbie too)
  4. Emilio Finatti – Langley

Top Five Trips

  1. Pacific Rim National Park – Greenpoint camping – multiple times
  2. Hawaii – 2012
  3. Killarney National Park – Canoe Camping – 1994?
  4. Quebec City – 1991
  5. Seattle – 2015

Top Five Camping Trips

  1. Pacific Rim National Park – 2003
  2. Pacific Rim National Park – 2007
  3. Kilarney National Park – Canoe Camping – 1994?
  4. Kearsley Creek – 2019
  5. Bear – 2012

Top Five Breakfast Meals

  1. Eggs Benny
  2. Fried Chicken & Waffles
  3. Waffles
  4. Pancakes
  5. Cereal (All-Bran)

Top Five Desserts/Junk food

  1. Millionaire’s Layer Cake
  2. Apple Pie
  3. Salted Caramel Ice Cream
  4. Coconut Cake
  5. Donuts

Top Five Meals

  1. Pizza
  2. Risotto
  3. Warm Kale Salad
  4. Turkey Dinner
  5. Fried Chicken

Top Five Vehicles (have never owned any :P)

  1. 2021 Rivian R1S
  2. 2016 Tesla Model S
  3. 2005 Subaru Outback
  4. 2009 Volvo XC90
  5. 2002 Mercedes Benz G Class
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Arcade Fire Weekend

August 11, 2014


Seattle Success! Arcade Fire at the Gorge… probably one of the most scenic venues I’ve ever been too, but likely not worth the drive for the venue alone.  However, Arcade Fire definitely made the driving worthwhile with an exceptional set. We also finally hit Serious Pie after drooling over the food on Anthony Bourdain’s: No Reservations several years ago, and now sits in my top 2 for crust, and top 1 overall.

We had a great time in Seattle and will definitely be planning another trip next year for the Blue Jays series.


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Lights – Meet & Greet

April 27, 2013

Mallory has been to every Lights concert in the Lower Mainland since she was around 8 years old, she’s now seen her six times.    She’ll see her play this year three times alone.   When we heard Lights was doing an autograph session before her concert, we knew there was no way around it.  We arrived two hours early, and the line was already fairly long.   Mallory waited like a trooper, and met not only Lights, but Hey Ocean (another band she likes).


I Mother Earth @ Commodore – Nov 2012

November 3, 2012

We’ve both watched IME live approximately 12 times, but they had been on hiatus, and so we hadn’t seen them live since around 2003.   They released the new single “We Got the Love”, and started touring to support it.

We use to meet up with all of our online friends before the concerts, and this year was no different.  We had people flying in from all over the country, and we met up at a restaurant a couple hours before the concert started.   One of them, Nancy is from Nova Scotia, and she stayed with us during her trip to BC.  We met new people, caught up with old ones, and arrived at the venue quite early, and got a spot in front of Jag.   Typically we don’t stand so close to the stage, as I hate getting pushed around.   However, we decided to mix it up this time, and surprisingly it was a tame crowd behind us which was nice.   The rowdies were in the middle 🙂

The band of course didn’t disappoint playing all of our favourites, and afterwards we went to the green room where typically people talk to the band.   Both Desiree and I are fairly shy, and did the typical hello/how are you’s, then stood in the corner, and waited until it was time to go.  Regretably, we didn’t talk to Bruce, as we didn’t want to disturb him while he talked to others, and had I known it would have been the last time we saw him play with IME, I would have forced myself to go say hello.   Unfortunately, we found out afterwards, he came out to see if we were still there after security kicked everyone out, which made me kick myself even more for not speaking up.   I thought I had gotten over the social anxiety, as I’ve gotten so much better in the work place, but I guess it still doesn’t quite match up with talking to rock stars.



I Mother Earth – Whistler 2003

May 15, 2003

This was Mallory’s second time seeing I Mother Earth, we took her to see them a few days prior at the UBC Festival.

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I Mother Earth – Whistler ‘2000

May 15, 2000

We drove up to Whistler to see I Mother Earth play, this would be our third time seeing Brian as the front-man.   We saw I Mother Earth play a few months prior, at the Croation Cultural Center with Finger Eleven opening.   Our first time seeing Brian was in the summer of ’99 when we were invited to a media only/radio winners gig at the Starfish Room.   Unfortunately it was a 19+ venue, and I forgot my ID, so I had embarassingly was introduced to Brian, and then Bruce snuck me into the back entrance.   The band took some heat from security, but in the end they relented.  We also came to see Limblifter which were big favourites of Desiree’s.    We always joked about how this was the most expensive concert we had been to, the concert itself was free, but the hotel cost us 300 bucks.   This record has since been surpassed with our Arcade Fire/Seattle trip.

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Used to be Alright Video Shoot

November 3, 1996

When I was 19 I discovered Internet Relay Chat, and often spend hours a night hanging out in #ime on undernet and efnet.  While there I met many like individuals interested in I Mother Earth, we discovered one day one of our peers were in fact Jagori’s girlfriend, and she put me +1 on the guestlist for their upcoming video shoot for Used to be Alright.   I was/am very shy, so originally I wasn’t going to go, but after talking with Desiree on #ime she convinced me to go, so I asked my parents for a lift up to Toronto (2hr drive), and I called up Fernando and asked if he wanted to come along.

We arrived late, and unfortunately I wasn’t able to get in on the guestlist.   It was a learning experience I would never forget as I always made sure to buy tickets even though from then on we were always on the guestlist for IME concerts.  Plus I’d prefer to support the artist by buying a ticket.   We waited in line for 2 hrs in the freezing cold with nothing but a thin shirt, once we got inside we found a spot against a railing as I had no desire to be in amongst the crowd or trying to get my head in the music video.   After a few hour of playing the same song over and over, the band did a short set to thank the fans.

Nearing the end of the night I spotted some people gathering that I had a hunch were from #ime, and I got up the nerve to approach them.   It turns out I was right, and I found out we were all going backstage to meet the band.  The following photos document the night.