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Spring? Where are you?

March 2, 2011

So at the tail end of February, we got another blast of extreme cold and snow.  Of course this never keeps us from going out with Sadie.  She doesn’t care if it’s wet, hot, cold, whatever.  As long as we are out, running, meeting dogs, playing with the ball, hiking in the woods, generally having fun.  I will admit to really really missing warm weather and sunny days.  I’m so looking forward to my garden starting to sprout and trips to the lake and the first time Sadie really goes swimming!  Anyway, here are a few pictures from the last couple of days:

 Sadie has a new love, and that is the chuck it orange balls.  She loves playing fetch all of sudden and always willing to go grab that ball.  Unless Trav throws it too far then she is not willing to find it!
 My Ball!  She’s actually really great at “drop it” which is so nice.
 I am muddy, and you guys are lagging behind as always.
 She staring at this little flock of robins that invaded the park.  I guess that’s a sign of spring?  It was funny watching her chase them off!
At least the sky looked pretty!

It’s almost feeling like spring!

February 20, 2011

It’s been fantastically beautiful out the past couple of days and lucky enough we made it to the park yesterday for a small hike and walk.  Sadie as usual, had a blast, roaming through the woods, running in the streams, playing with the dogs we met.  As we walk through the woods, she loves going up a little ways all the side trails we pass.  It’s like she’s a ranger, make sure all the pathways are safe for travel.  More likely, she’s looking for new people to meet, new dogs to sniff and play with, and maybe a bird or two to chase.

Practising “Sit” and “Wait” on the trail.  We’ve been trying to do some of our basic obedience in places other than class and at home.

“Hello Boston Terrier, IT’S ON!!!”

Getting owned by boston terrier that’s about 1/3 her size.  Her move is always to get on her back and kick and bit legs.  Pretty adorable!

On the trail on the way back to car.  Always waiting for you guys to catch up!

Hurry up Mum, your so SLOW!

So beautiful and sunny!

Posing for the camera!

Stalk the ducks.  The ducks always think Sadie is going to feed them.  Not the smartest ducks!        
After a hard days run, sleeping it off with her favourite stuffed goose.  It’s like her baby!

A long awaited walk!

February 14, 2011

So today we went for a walk.  No big deal right?  Well normally it’s not, but it’s the first time i’ve been out of the house since Wednesday when I had surgery.  Not a big, crazy surgery.  Just a must needed minor one.  I don’t react well to the general anthestic so I spent the last few days feeling wiped out and useless at home.  I promised myself I would get out of the house on Sunday morning to take Sadie for a walk.  Here are a few pictures (mostly full of fail!) of our walk!

 There are buds on some of the trees!!  Spring is coming at last.  I get so depressed at the end of winter.  All I want are flowers and green.
 Sadie at the head of the trail, waiting for us to catch up.  She always roams ahead and then stops to make sure we are catching up.
 Curly tongue captured!
 Sitting, but squirming for the camera!


February 6, 2011

So I had to work today but luckily I was off by 3pm which meant it was still light enough to get to the park after work.  It’s not sunny, but not raining either so I got to take the camera.  It was a great trip, as usual.  We met a few awesome dogs, a giant mastiff and a giant great dane.  Both beautiful and gentle.  Sadie wasn’t sure what to think of those mini horses!  She also ran into Oscar (a german shepard) who likes to play but always gets a little rough, and Emma and Buddy, two adorable mutts that are older but tolerant of Sadie’s rambunctious puppy behaviour.

 This way is up?
 Hurry up guys!!!!  Your too slow!!
 Photo taking is absolutely hilarious!
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Sunny days are here again!

January 31, 2011

We awoke this morning to glorious sunshine.  The beautiful sun called us out to the dog park of course.  And because it wasn’t raining I got to take my camera.

 I really think these ducks thought Sadie might be coming along to feed them some bread crumbs.  She was memorized by their quacking.

 We’ve been trying to go through the woods, and on the trails.  Sadie loves ranging through the forest!

 Wind blowing through her fur at the park!

 Yes, we live in the most beautiful place on earth.

Muddy, tired still doesn’t want to go home!  All in all a great day!

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January 24, 2011

It’s been raining like crazy here the last few weeks.  I’m starting to think a sunny days don’t exist!  Anyway, the rain stopped enough today to go out and take some pictures.  We were in Langley, so we decided to hit the first dog park Sadie ever went to.  It’s a great park, huge and fenced.  But with the rain, it was mud city.  And as you can imagine, this meant muddy dog.  She ran, she played, she rolled, she splashed, she got muddy! She has started to develop bravery around water, so she was wading through several large, deep puddles.  By the end of the trip she was starting to look like a black lab, and not a golden retriever.  As you can imagine, she was too dirty to forgo an after trip bath.  So now we are home, she is bathed and having a lazy post bath nap on the couch.

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She’s so big!

January 16, 2011

I cannot believe how big Sadie has gotten.  It’s amazing to think a few short months ago we brought her home as this adorable ball of fuzz.  She really looks like a golden retriever now.  Although it’s sad to see the cute puppy go, I am so thrilled with the amazing gorgeous dog that she’s becoming.  She’s absolutely beautiful, and her fur is like velvet.  She has also gotten more cuddly of late; opting to cuddle with me or Trav on the couch or the bed.  And since she is completely potty trained, we let her out of crate at night, and sometimes she crawls into bed with us.  I am always more than happy to snuggle! 

She has been having a case of the “wilful teenagers” lately, not listening as well as she was; but we are persevering, making sure we reward her good behaviour and ignore/manage the bad stuff!  Anyway here are a few photos of the last week or two.  We’ve been having some very cold/snowy/wet/rainy weather of late, which makes it harder to take the camera out, but I do as often as I can.

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January 1, 2011

So when Sadie was 9 weeks old she started her first obedience class.  We thoroughly enjoyed our evenings at TNT Kennels.  We learned a lot and Sadie is definitely master sitting, down, around, stand, and some hand targeting.  On the last class we did musical chair type game with all the dogs, playing music and the last one to sit was out, with the winner being the final sitter.  Sadie won!  She also won the same game, but this time we were practising “down” instead of sit.   Anyway, the one thing she needs a lot of practise with was “WAIT”.  The way we have been practising this is with treats.  I tell her to sit, or down and then put the treat a few feet away and tell her to wait.  She is not allowed to grab the treat until I say “okay!”.  Wait has been a hard one for a super impatient, full of beans puppy like Sadie, but today our practises went off without a hitch.  Some photographic proof!

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Picture Stealing

December 30, 2010

So today after I posted this morning’s blog, with pictures of Sadie yesterday in the snow I decided to google “Sadie Golden Retriever” to see if this blog popped up.  It didn’t; but this did:

I clicked the link mainly because I thought it was going to pictures of another adorable GR Sadie, but much to my surprise it was my photos of MY Sadie either stolen from here or from my flickr account.  What was worse, the person who posted claiming Sadie as their dog, goes on about how they found her at shelter.  Deceptive and misleading.  And obviously made up to ellict sympathy for someone desperate for it.

When I created this blog I never really thought anyone would read it;  It was purely personal, just for myself to record little stories of Sadie, and to be able to go back and look next September and see how much she’s changed since I brought that adorable ball of fuzz home.

So officially on the record:  Sadie is a Redgold dog.  She was born on August 11, 2010.  She is purebred, and CKC registered.  When I was 19 I lost the world’s best dog, Madison, a golden retriever that stole my heart from the first time we met.  She was the BEST.  I knew one day I would own another Golden, no matter how long it took.  Finally, 14 years later the world’s most adorable puppy, Sadie entered my life.  I waited a long time for another chance at the world’s best dog.  She has been nothing but fun.  Everytime she comes and cuddles with me my heart swells with the love and joy she has already brought and the thought of all that is to come.

The pictures here are copyrighted to me, Desiree.  I took every single one of them with my beloved Nikon D90.  I love to take photos of landscapes and scenery and especially love to take photos of Sadie.  No one may use/post/print/do anything with them without my permission.

I have emailed both the as well as the person posting my photos as their own and requested their removal from the website.  Hopefully this happens soon.

If you are visiting this blog, please enjoy my stories and photos.  I hope that you have or will have your own lovely four legged friend.  Please look, but hands off.

The only saving grace in all of this is of course, Sadie.  The Sadie who went out today to the park with me and my husband, and the Sadie now who is lying on her dog bed chewing a bully stick.  The Sadie that will always be mine.

Thank you,


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Snow Day!

December 30, 2010

I woke up yesterday and looked out the window as totally surprised by an onslaught of white!  So after shovelling the driveway we ventured forth, hitting up Heritage Park in the hopes that not too many people would be there and Sadie would get to romp in some seriously beautiful fresh snow.  I hate the chaos that the snow causes into my life, but I sure do like how pretty it looks, just after it’s fallen!