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The Morris name originated in England and Scotland, and can be derived from the derived from the French given name Maurice The first Morrises in the British Isles were living in the bordering counties of Monmouthshire, Wales and Herefordshire, England by the Norman Conquest of 1066 AD.

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My grandfather, Ross Harold Morris was born in , to Phoebe Winegarden, and William Jacob Morris.   He had 15 brothers, and sisters,

History of the Simcoe Area….Norfolk area.

Phoebe (Pearl)’s Ancestry

Phoebe was born on May 18, 1906 in Lyndoch, Norfolk, Ontario.    Phoebe moved to Simcoe as a child, and she married William Jacob Morris on  Nov 17th 1923.    They had sixteen children, my grandfather is Ross Harold Morris.    Phoebe died on May 25th, 1957 at age 51, she was buried in Silverhill Cemetery.  Phoebe’s parents were Rose Ada Grigg, and John Winegarden.    Her ancentry is primarily from Germany, France, and England.

Rose Ada Grigg

Rose was born in South Dumfries on Jun 14th, 1875, which is essentially modern day Paris.    Rosa Ada had a child before she was married, William Oliver was born in 1897.   She married John H Winegarden in 1900 in Oxford County, Ontario.   They had six kids.  She moved later in life to Simcoe, and died in 1934 at age 87.  Rosa Ada was born to John William Grigg, and Martha Melissa Wonch.


John William, & Martha Melissa

John William Grigg

John was born on Feb 9th 1846 in Burford, Ontario, he married Martha Melissa on Dec 27th, 1868 in Oxford County, Ontario.    They had six children, Rose was the middle child.  He married Agness Wanch on Jan 2nd, 1913 at age 66, and died on May 14th, 1932 in Middlesex, Ontario.   He was buried in Princeton.   Nothing is known about his parents.

Martha Melissa Wonch

Martha was born on Nov 17th, 1850 in Bleheim, Ontario.   She died in Brantford on Sep 12th, 1911, and was buried in Princeton.

We were able to track the Wonch family back to France & Germany in the 1600’s.   Martha was born to Anthony Wonch, and Phoebe Margaret Baker.

Anthony Wonch

Anthony was born and raised Ontario (July 1817), and married Phoebe in 1846.    Phoebe was born in Nova Scotia in 1815.   Anthony’s parents were Anthony Wonch, and Mary Josephe Garand.    I won’t go into too much detail on the two, as we were able to track the Wonch’s back to Germany in the 1600’s when their name was spelt Wunsche, and the Garand’s lived in Quebec for 150 years, and before that France.     The furthest ancestor we found was Johann George Wunsche, born in 1698 in Schonbach, Lobau, Bautzen, Sachsen on the Wunsche side, and on the Garand side, it was Pierre Arcoüet dit Lajeunesse born in 1620, Marennes, Rochefort, Saintonge, France.    The earliest Canadian ancestor we found was Marie Elizabeth Pepin of Trois-Rivières, Quebec, Canada, born in 1649.   She was a 6x great grand mother to Mary Josephe Garand.

John H .Winegarden

John’s ancestry is probably the most interesting with at least four relatives in the history books.   John was born on Dec 12th, 1846.   He had two wives, he married Janet Knowles in 1870, they had six children, then he married Rose Ada Grigg in 1875, and they had an additional six kids.   John’s parents were John Winegarden Sr, and Hannah Nevers.   John’s ancestry was German, and English.

John Winegarden Sr.

John was born in 1807, some place in Ontario, he married Hannah Nevers in 1839.   They had 8 children, John was the fifth.  John died in 1876.   John was first generation Canadian, his parents were born in the USA.   His parents were William Winegarden, and Elizabeth Sharp.

William Winegarden

William was born on Mar 7th, 1783 in Monmouth, New Jersey.   William and Elizabeth came to Canada and married on Feb 1st, 1802.  They lived in Blenheim, Ontario, and William died on May 1st, 1862.   He moved there as a couple of his children moved to Michigan.

William was born to Adam Winegarden, and Ann Catherine Bitzer.

Winegarden Family

Adam Winegarden was born on Aug 28th, 1743, in Washington, New Jersey.   His father Conrad moved to the US in 1752, and changed their last name from Weingarten to Winegarden.  We tracked the Weingarten’s back to the early 1600’s with other surnames being (wives and such), Mullers, Cochems, Caspar, Lentz, Deutsch, and Graff, all born/raised in Germany.

Bitzer Family

Ann was born in Washington, New Jersey on May 25th, 1750.  She married Adam on Jan 26th, 1768, and died on Aug 24th, 1821 in Long Valley, New Jersey.     Her father Ludwig Bitzer was born on Nov 11, 1703 in Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

Elizabeth Sharp

Elizabeth was born in New Jersey on Feb 3rd, 1779, she married William on Feb 1st, 1802.    Her ancestry is unknown.

Hannah Nevers

Hannah was born in Wakefield, New Brunswick in 1819 to Samuel Nevers and Elizabeth Palmer. She married John Winegarden Jr in 1839.  Hannah died on Jan 24th, 1896 in Norfolk.

Samuel Nevers

Samuel was born on Mar 7th, 1776 in Maugerville, New Brunswick.   He married Elizabeth Palmer on Oct 25th, 1797 also in Maugerville.   They had 14 children, Hannah was the last child.   After Hannah was born, the family moved to Southern Ontario to Blenheim.

Samuel Nevers Sr

Sam was born on Feb 27th, 1736 in Leicester, Mass.   He married Anna Burrell on Apr 2nd, 1763 in Brunswick Maine.   He had 11 kids with Anna, and he died in 1808 in Sheffield, New Brunswick.  His parents were Elisha Nevers, and Bathsheba Green.

The Nevers  go back as far as Richard Nevers, born 1640 in Woburn, Mass.  and the Greene’s can be traced back to Captain Samuel Green, born Oct 5th, 1670 in Malden Mass.

Anna Burrell

Anna was born on Oct 4th, 1744 in Abington, Mass. to John Burrel Sgt, and Anna Vinton.  Anna was born Sept 7th, 1718 in Braintree, Mass., and married John Burrell May 15th, 14 in Weymouth, Mass.    John Burrell was born Nov 30th, 1717 in Weymouth, to Captain John Burrell, and Mary Humphrey.    Little is known about Mary’s parents.   Captain John Burrell was born to John Burrell Sr, and Mercy Alden on Feb 19th, 1694 in Weymouth, Mass.

John Burrel Sr, was born 1658 in Weymouth Mass., to John Maurice Burrell, and Rebecca Burrell, who immigrated from England and Mercy Alden was born on Mar 3rd, 1668 in Bridgewater, Plymouth, Mass to John Alden, and Priscillia Mullins also of England.

**Interesting Facts

John Alden

John Alden was born 1599 in England, his father died just prior to the first Mayflower ship coming over in 1620, so he signed up to work the ship.  He was onboard the first ship Pilgrim Ship Mayflower, he asked to remain in the US rather then return to England.   He was a signatory to the Mayflower Compact.  He married Priscillia Mullins in 1622.

The Mayflower was only a 100 foot ship and fit roughly 102 passengers, and 30-40 crew.  It took months for the ship to arrive, and with cramped conditions, and the ship taking on water, nearly half the passengers were ill, and died in the first few months after arriving.    John and Priscillia were among the original settlers of Plymouth.    They had ten children.

Priscillia Mullins

Priscillia was born in 1602 in England, her parents and her brother came over on the same Mayflower ship as John Alden.  Unfortunatey her entire family perished the first winter in Plymouth.   She was left alone in the “New World”.   She was also the only single marriage aged female in Duxbury.   Their son John Alden, was also charged in the Salem Witch trials, and is played by Shane West, in the the movie Salem.

Alden House

John Alden, and Priscillia’s houses are now National Historic Landmarks consisting of two properties in Duxbury, Mass.

John Adams (1st US Vice President, 2nd US President)

One of Mercy’s sisters, Hannah is the grandmother of John Adam’s the 2nd US President.   Thus making him a very distant cousin.

John Quincy Adams (6th US President)

Given that John Quincy Adam’s is John Adam’s son, that also makes him a distant cousin.

Elizabeth Palmer

Elizabeth was born on Dec 16th, 1776 in Maugerville to Daniel Palmer, and Unknown.

William Jacob Morris‘ Ancestry

William Jacob Morris was born on Aug 11th, 1893, in St. Williams, Ontario.    He was born and raised in the area, and was a farmer by trade.   In January 17th, 1916, William enlisted in World War I in Port Rowan.   He fought with two of his brother’s and was the only one to return alive.    David, and George Edward died in 1918, and 1917 respectively.   William died in 1972 at the age of 87, he was buried at Silverhill Cementery.   William was born to Wiliam Jacob Sr, and Amy Horton.

Amy Horton

Amy was born Jun 7th, 1871 in Charlotteville, Ontario to George Horton, and Sumilda Asel Johnson.    Amy lived in Charlotteville durig her youth and remained after her marriage to William on Sept 23rd, 1892.   Amy and William had 10 children, William Jr was their first.

George Horton

George was born in 1846 in Charlotteville to Samuel Horton, and Elizabeth Jan Bridt.    George married Elizabeth Ann “Betsy” Galloway after Sumilda died.

Sumilda Asel Johnson

Nothing is known about Sumilda, other then that she died 3 months after Amy was born.

William Jacob Morris Sr.

William was born on July 25th, 1870 in Walsingham, Ontario, to Edward Morris, and Mary Catherine Smith.

Edward Morris

 Edward was born in on Dec 20th, 1834 in Woodhouse Township, Ontario.  He married Mary  Catherine on July 13th, 1861.   They had four known children, their son William was the second last.  Edward’s parents are Thomas Morris, and Jane Morris.

Thomas Morris

Thomas was born in 1804, in Woodhouse Township, his parents are unknown.   He died in Walsingham in 1897.

Jane Unknown

Jane was born in 1802 in New Brunswick, she died in 1890.  Unfortunately, her parents are also unknown.

Mary Catherine Smith

Mary was born on Jan 12th, 1842 in Norfolk to Jacob Smith, and Agness Collier.  They lived in Walsingham, and Mary died Dec 13th, 1921 in Simcoe.

Jacob Smith

Jacob was born Jan 14th, 1813 in Windham Township to John Smith and Mary Margaret Smith.  Jacob and Agness lived in Charlotteville, and had seven children.   He died at age 90 on Jan 22 1903, he’s buried in Atherton.

Jacob’s father John was born in 1784 in England, and came to Canada and married Mary.  Mary was born Jan 10th, 1791 in Norfolk, they lived in Windham County.   They were both buried in Atheron.

Agness Collier

Agness was born in 1818, in England, her parents are unknown.   She married Jacob at age 12, in 1830.   She died Sept 15th, 1891 in Norfolk, and is buried in Atherton.

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