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July 15, 2015

I was digging through some old photos, and thought I’d share them for archival purposes, I’d hate to eventually lose them.


My grandfather on my Mother’s side, Grandpa Offless:


Posing next to my Dad’s nova.


Camping when I was youngin, and busted eating Dog biscuits.


My brother and I hanging out at the campground in ’79


My brother, and I, and my Grandpa Morris.


My first Tiger-cat game against Ottawa around 89 or 90.


My brother and I use to play broomball, the kids league only lasted a year or two unfortunately.


In grade school we use to have hobo day, where you got to dress up like a hobo, I was taking a photo with Trevor dressed up for school.


My turn to dress up…


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Canoeing – Widgeon Creek

August 12, 2014

We haven’t gone canoeing in years, in fact the last time we touched foot in a canoe was around 14 years prior. We’ve wanted to get out in the water for a while now. We finally bit the bullet, and drove to Pitt Meadows on our vacation and rented a Clipper from a canoe rental facility at the Grant Narrows.

I had canoed Widgeon about fifteen years ago with a couple co-workers from my previous employer, and remembered the fantastic scenery and have always wanted to take Desiree on the same trip. It turned out to be perfect weather, not too hot or cold. The walk to the falls was a little longer then I remembered it, but the canoe trip was as calm, and relaxing as I remembered it. The trip solidified our ambition, and plan to buy our own canoe next summer (2016).

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Arcade Fire Weekend

August 11, 2014


Seattle Success! Arcade Fire at the Gorge… probably one of the most scenic venues I’ve ever been too, but likely not worth the drive for the venue alone.  However, Arcade Fire definitely made the driving worthwhile with an exceptional set. We also finally hit Serious Pie after drooling over the food on Anthony Bourdain’s: No Reservations several years ago, and now sits in my top 2 for crust, and top 1 overall.

We had a great time in Seattle and will definitely be planning another trip next year for the Blue Jays series.


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Ontario Trip

June 16, 2014


When we booked our trip, we had three things we wanted to do while there apart from visiting family, #1 eat at the Combine in Simcoe, and #2 attend a Blue jays game, and #3 goto the McMichael Art Gallery, it was a jam packed 10 days, but we accomplished everything and  more that we set out to do.

We spent the 10 days living at my mothers, and the first day we had an early bday party for Mallory and invited my grandmother and Roy over for cake and Desiree made Beef Wellington for dinner.

Picture 021

Picture 008

We love food, and so we made sure to do our research on picked some restaurants we knew we’d love while we were in Toronto for the Jays game.   The Combine had opened the year prior in Simcoe, and I had watched its progress via Twitter.   They serve local/seasonal menus.

We set a side a chunk of change knowing full well we’d end up spending a bit eating out a few times while we were there.   Some photos of the food we got while there.

We spent Saturday at my Uncle Len and Chris’ house for a family reunion.   The entire clan showed up for the event, it was a typical Offless get together, lots of laughter, and antics.


Grand kids


Grand kids, and great grand kids




Grand kids and great grand kids with Grandma Offless








Mallory and her first cousin Nyla

Near the end of our trip we drove up to Toronto for a couple days of checking out the local sights, and attending a jays game.  We booked a room at the hotel in the SkyDome, and drove up to near Barrie to check out the McMichael Art Gallery which is where the group of seven art is housed.    We had to get to Toronto at a specific time to pick up some donuts we ordered, they were medicore, a slight disappoint considering how expensive they were.   Our experience at the hotel was fantastic,  I loved being able to walk back from the game to our hotel in a matter of minutes.   Some photos from our TO trip are shown below.

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Pacific Rim National Park – 2013

August 12, 2013

We’ve made it a tradition to do a family camping trip to Pacific Rim since Mallory was 10 months old. We try to go back at least every other year. Pacific Rim is one of the most fantastic camp grounds in Canada, albeit a little chilly. Even in mid July/Aug, you should bring some warm clothing for in the evenings, or in the shade. It’s not unusual to be in the low 20’s / high teens.

This year we brought one of Mallory’s friends to keep her company.  We always camp for five days / four nights, any longer and it gets tiresome, and with the lack of showers, its definitely pushing our limits in terms of cleanliness.

One of the aspects of camping we look forward to the most is the meals, specifically on the campfire, we plan our meals weeks in advance, and try to exclusively use the camp fire for all dinners, and camp stove for break/lunch.   As a child my grandfather always has these durable pie irons, and for years we struggled to find something of equal strength until we stumbled upon the Rome series of irons.   They’re cast iron, with durable wood handles, so far with three years of usage we have yet not to notice any wear or warping.

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Sasquatch Provincial Park – July 2013

July 28, 2013
We drove up with a couple of Des' friends for a so called 'posse camping weekend'.  We hadn't been to Sasquatch before, but it was a pleasant surprise.  The camp sites were fairly secluded, although not as much as Green Point (Pacific Rim).  We prefer to camp in seclusion :-)

Below are a few photos from the trip, although most are the dogs swimming.