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The name Petrie came from Scotland, the first recording of the name in its present form came from Hendrie Petrie from Aberdeen.  The various spellings include: patre, petre, petrye, paitrie, patrie, and patry.

Pedigree Chart (Overview) – Printable (PDF form)

You can see the family tree starting with Patricia, click each parent name to see a breakdown of sources/information for each person, or you can find dependencies on the bottom.


[Intro – Brantford], grandma and her siblings.

Alexander Petrie’s Ancestry

We were able to track our lineage back to the 1500’s with the Gillow family, but we’ll start with George Petrie.   George was born in 1750, in Scotland.  Unfortunately we were unable to find out with enough evidence who his parents were.     George arrived in Canada in Feb 23 1776 in Cape Breton as George was stationed there in the Military.  Captain George Petrie, was in the 104 th Regiment of Foote.   George returned to Scotland, and married Isobelle Lawrence in Scotland in 1784, they had a son Edmund, and arrived in Halifax soon after.    George was stationed back in Sydney from 1786 to 1793 with the 21st Regiment of Foote.   George/Isobelle received 267 pounds of rations over the first year in Sydney.

George applied for a land grant in Low Point, Nova Scotia, which he received on October 1st, 1789 by Governor MacCarmick.   George surveyed the land in 1791, and moved there in 1792 while keeping his house in Sydney.   George and Isobelle had five kids, John Henry was born in 1791, and later married Ann Nearing, although her name before moving to Canada was Anatasia Nairn.    Ann’s family was traced back to the mid 1500’s in England by the last name Gillow. They have seven kids, their first, James was born in 1817.   James married Bridget Carroll, who’s family originated from Ireland, they had ten children, their son Patrick Petrie, married Mary Ann Edwards.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find out anything on Mary Ann’s family.         May Ann and Patrick had nine children,  their son Alexander was born around 1901, he lied on his records and said it was 1898.   This allowed him to join WW1 when he was just 15.  He fought in both WW1, and WW2.

Veronica Mc Kenzie’s Ancestry

Alexander married Veronica Mc Kenzie, who was born in 1903.   Veronica’s family had been living in Nova Scotia since atleast 1835, I wasn’t able to find the grand parents who came to Canada.  Alexander had his dad lie about his age so he could join the army in WW1 when he was 15, he felt like he had a choice, die in the mines or die on battle.    He fought in WW2 briefly until Veronica convinced him to retire, when Alex returned, he refused to allow his boys to work in the mines, so he got on a train to travel to Power River to look into a job in a Saw Mill.   While he was on his way he received a job opportunity to work in a farm equipment company in Brantford.     He went went back to Brantford, and worked and rented a room while the family sold the house in Nova Scotia and prepared for the move to join him in Brantford in the 1930’s.     They had six kids Duncan, John, Patricia, Mary, Nathan (Buster), and Alexander.  Patricia is of course our grand mother.


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