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Some of these variations Ridgway resulted from differences between early Anglo-Saxon or Welsh, and modern English pronunciation and spelling.  It is well established that the Ridgways are of noble lineage.   Patrilineal and matrilineal lines of the Ridgway family can be traced back to the earliest kings and earls of England, including among others Leofric I, 1st Earl of Leicester, Earl of Lincoln and Earl of Chester, born about 680, and William de Ridware, a great grandson of William the Conqueror.

You can see the family tree starting with Ian, click each parent name to see a breakdown of sources/information for each person, or you can find dependencies on the bottom.

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[Intro -], grandpa and her siblings.

John Ridgway’s Ancestry

Unfortunately, very little is known about John Ridgway.   He married Mary Leedham and they had three children, their son Ian is Desiree’s grandfather.

May Leedham’s Ancestry

Arthur Leedham

Arthur was born in 1881 in Hornsey, Middlesex, England to Thomas Leedham, and Esther Sturnham.   Arthur married Ellen in 1906, and they moved to Wood Green, Middlesex, England and had two known children, May, and Amelia.

Thomas Leedham

Thomas was born in 1842, in Warwickshire, England.  His parents are unknown, he married Esther on Feb 7th, 1864 in St Mary, Willesden, England.   They moved to Hornsey to raise their 4 kids.

Esther Sturnham

Esther was born around 1840 in Sceldos, Buckinghamshire, England to Richard Sturnham and Elizabeth Bazley.    Her family moved to Wing, Buckinghamshire when she was still in infant, and she was raised there until she married Thomas.

Richard Sturnham

Richard was born in 1808 in Stewkley, Buckingshamshire to Mark Sturnham, and Rebecca Spooner.   He married Elizabeth in 1831.   He moved in with his daughter Ann, and Son in law, around 1861.

Mark Sturnham

Mark was born in 1760 to Thomas Sturnham, and Rebecca Markham.   He married Rebecca Spooner in 1789.   He died in 1841.    I’m still not entirely sure Thomas and Rebecca are his parents, their dates don’t quite line up and there’s no census to solidify it.

Rebecca Spooner

She was born in 1780, nothing is known about her parents or siblings.

Elizabeth Bazley

Elizabeth was born in 1808 in Buckinghamshire.   Her parents are unknown.   She died in 1845.

Ellen Piggot

Ellen was born in 1882, in Buckhurst Hill, Essex, England to Frederick William Piggot, and Maria Ellen Alexander.    Her family moved to St Mary, London before she was 9, and she moved out in her teens to live with a family as  servant in Hornsley, Middlesex, England in 1901.  She married Arthur in 1906, and they moved to Wood Green, Middlesex shortly after, and had atleast two children.

Frederick William Piggot

Born Dec 1857, Buckhurst Hill, Essex, England to Francis Piggott annd Mary Ann Roberts.   He married Maria on Feb 3rd, 1878 and had seven kids.  He died in June, 1931 in Epping, Essex, England.

Francis Piggot

Born Aug 9th, 1823 in Harpenden, Hertfordshire, England to Jospeh Piggot, and Ann Inward.  Francis married May on Oct 7th, 1845 in Kent, England.   Little is known about Joseph or Ann.

Mary Ann Robert

Born in 1828, in Oakford, Dorset, England to Joseph Robert.  She died in 1871, in Essex, England.  Her father Joseph was born in 1789 in Dorset England.

Maria Ellen Alexander

Born 1855, in St Pancras, Middlesex, England , and died in Epping, Essex, in Mar 1923.

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