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Pacific Rim National Reserve – ’17

August 24, 2017

It had been four years (too long) since we had camped at Green point.   We really wanted Brinkley to experience camping when she was young, Sadie loved camping at Long beach, and we wanted to Brinks to have the same experience.

Camping, Outdoors, Trips

Pacific Rim National Park – 2013

August 12, 2013

We’ve made it a tradition to do a family camping trip to Pacific Rim since Mallory was 10 months old. We try to go back at least every other year. Pacific Rim is one of the most fantastic camp grounds in Canada, albeit a little chilly. Even in mid July/Aug, you should bring some warm clothing for in the evenings, or in the shade. It’s not unusual to be in the low 20’s / high teens.

This year we brought one of Mallory’s friends to keep her company.  We always camp for five days / four nights, any longer and it gets tiresome, and with the lack of showers, its definitely pushing our limits in terms of cleanliness.

One of the aspects of camping we look forward to the most is the meals, specifically on the campfire, we plan our meals weeks in advance, and try to exclusively use the camp fire for all dinners, and camp stove for break/lunch.   As a child my grandfather always has these durable pie irons, and for years we struggled to find something of equal strength until we stumbled upon the Rome series of irons.   They’re cast iron, with durable wood handles, so far with three years of usage we have yet not to notice any wear or warping.

Camping, Outdoors, Trips

Camping @ Pacific Rim National Park

August 17, 2004

From August 7 to the 13th we were at the Pacific Rim National Park, affectionate known as “Long Beach”.

It has over 10kms of white sandy beaches. We all had a blast.

Mallory splashed and swam and poked far too many sea urchins.

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