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Surnames change over the years, especially when changing Countries, it depended on how the Census person ended up spelling your name.   The surname as Terry, Torrie, and Torry, are the typical spellings, the first being “British” and the two latter spellings being generally regarded as Irish.

You can see the family tree starting with Orla, click each parent name to see a breakdown of sources/information for each person, or you can find dependencies on the bottom.

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[Intro – Rosetown], grandma and her siblings.

Violet Beatrice Torry’s Ancestry

Violet was born on Sept 12th, 1915 in Rosetown, Saskatchewan?    She was born to Russell Torry, and Evelyn May Mabel Soby.   Violet has five known children, Orla, our grand mother being her first.   She moved to Simcoe at a young, and married Joe Gill sometime after 1940.

Russell Torry

Russell was born in 1883 in Northern Ontrio, he moved to Kindersley, Saskatchewan when he was young, and married May sometime before 1915.  Russell was a farmer, and they had at least five children, moved to Rosetown, Saskachewan.   Russell’s parents are unknown, he died in Rosetown in 1946.

May Soby

My was born  in April 1894 in Bratton Clovelly, Devon, England to William Soby, and Francis S Martin.  She lived as a servant when she was 17 in Ipplepen, England, and got on a ship with her two brothers in July of 1912.   Her boat arrived in Montreal, Quebec, and she took a train to live with her brother Edmund who was  farmer living in Kindersley, Saskatchewan.   Edmund immigrated to Canada in 1904.    She married Russell a couple years later, and Violet, and Gladice around 1915.  May died 6 months after having Gordon in 1922 in Herschel, Saskatchewan.

William Soby

William was born in 1860, in Highampton, Devon, England to Frances Soby.   Frances lived alone, with William as her only child.     They moved to Bratton Clovelly, England before he was 11.  William married Francis Martin in 1880, and they had 7 children.   May was their 2nd last child.

Frances Soby

Frances was born in 1818 in Halwill, Devon, England.  She lived at home until 1851, and by 1861 she was living on her own with a 1 year old William.    Her parents were Thomas Soby, and Mary Hill.

Thomas Soby

Thomas was born in 1776 in Halwell, Devon, England to Josias Soby, and Frances Durrant.  His wife is unknown, but they had five children, Fanny, Frances, Mary, William, and Ann.   Thoms died in Holsworthy, Devonshire, England in 1853.     The Soby’s date back to 1240 in Soulby, Cumberland, England.

Francis S Martin

Francis was born in 1859 in Bratton Clovelly, England to William Hatch Martin and Fanny Glass.  She married William in 1880, she lived at home with William until 1881 when her first child Lillian was born.

William Hatch Martin

William was born in 1831 in Bratton Clovelly, England.  His parents unknown, he married Franny, and they raised their 7 children in Bratton Clovelly.

Fanny Glass

Fanny was born in Beaworthy, Devon, England in 1829, she lived at home in Beaworthy until the id 1850’s when she married William and moved to Bratton Clovelly.

Joe Gill’s Ancestry

Joe was born on May 31st, 1910 on Manitoulin Island, Ontario to John Garner Gill,and Marie Helene Leroux.   His family moved to Windham Centre when he was young, he married Violet, and had 4 children?  He died in 1987 in Simcoe.

John Garner Gill

John was born Sept 6th, 1872 in Watt Township, Ontario to Henry Winchester Gill and Ellen Atkinson.   Watt Township is near modern day Dee Bank (Muskoka District).    He married Marie Helene, on Jan 13th, 1908 in Sturgeon Falls, Ontario, they moved to Windham Centre when the kids were young.   John died in Waterford on May 24th, 1937.

Henry Winchester Gill

Henry was born on July 1st, 1849 in Norwich, England to John Withers Gill, and Jane Cooper Munn. They moved to Thetsford St Cuthbert, Suffolk, England when he was young, and he arrived in Canada in 1867.   He married Ellen on Dec 6th, 1871 in Watt Township, Muskoka Ontario.   They moved to Toronto, and he died in York on April 5th, 1917.

The Gills have been traced to Thomas Withers Gill born 1777 in Thetford, Norfolk, England, and the Munn’s to Lewis Munn, born 1760 in Little Chart (Ashford), Kent, England.

Ellen Atkinson

Ellen was born July 9th, 1855 in Georgina (on Lake Simcoe) to John, and Isabelle Atkinson.  She died Oct 6th, 1937 at her daughter’s home in Toronto.

Marie Helene Leroux

Marie was born April 20th, 1886 in Beaulieu, North Dakota, USA to Joseph Leroux.  She arrived in Canada in 1898.

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