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[Intro -], grandpa and her siblings.

George A Trayler’s Ancestry

George was born on Nov 12th, 1911 in London, England to Mark Trayler, and Matilda Godfrey.    He married Violet in England, and had two children.  Patricia (Desiree’s grandmother) moved to Canada in the mid 1960’s, and George and Violet came over a couple decades later.

Mark Trayler

Mark was born in 1864, in Latchingdon, England to John Trayler.   He married Matilda on Sept 25th, 1892 in St John, Paddington, England.  They moved to Isington, London, and had five children, George was their last child born in 1911.  Nothing is known about John Trayler.

Matilda Godfrey

Born in 1867, in London, England to Alfred Godfrey, and Maria Dodson.   She was baptised on Feb 11th, 1866 in Paddington, St John, England.    Before Matilda was a teenager, her family moved to St Marylebone, London.   She married Mark in 1892.

 Alfred Godfrey

Born Feb 21st, 1841 in Paddington, Middlesex, England to John Godfrey, and Mary Reed.   He was baptised Oct 4th, 1846, his family moed to St Maryleboe as a child, and he married Maria in 1863.   They had 8 children.

John Godfrey

Born in 1805 in New Romney, Kent, England.  His parents are unknown.  He married May in 1823 in Paddington.   They moved to Lambeth, Surrey, England, and St Marylebone, Middlex, England while raising their 8 children.   John died in Jan 1885 in Lambeth, London.

Mary Reed

Born in 1810 in Marylebone, Middlesex, England.  Her parents are unknown.

Maria Dodson

Born in 1842, in Walton on Thames, Surrey, England to Edward Dodson, and Eliza Lavell.  She was raised in Walton on Thames, and died in Sept 1927 in Paddington.

Edward Dodson

Born on Nov 1st, 1801 in Walton on Thames, Surrey, England to Fisher Dodson, and Elizabeth Niklin.    He married Eliza on Aug 13th, 1826 in Thames Ditton, Surrey.    They had 11 children.

Fisher Dodson

Born Dec 1761 in Walton on Thames, Surrey, England to Robert Dodson, and Sarah Mitchell.  He married Elizabeth on Aug 16th, 1786, and died in May 1837.   They had eight children. We were able to find nearly a dozen pairings of grand parents under the Dodson Ancestry, the further back we were able to go was Robert Dodson, born in 1680 in East Molesey, Surrey, England.

Elizabeth Nicklin

Born in 1760, exact location is unknown to Richard Nicklin.   Richard was born in 1731 in dudley, Worcestershire, England.

Eliza Dodson

She was born  on May 8th, 1809 in Walton on Thames, Surrey, England.  Her parents are unknown.

Violet Nellie Slader’s Ancestry

Violet was born in January 1912, in Islington, London, England to Sydney Slader, and Nellie Allen.  She was raised in Islington, and later moved to Shoreditch, and Stoke Newington, England briefly, before moving to Edmonton, England and getting married George.     They  then moved to Brunswick Park.

Sydney Slader

Sydney was born in 1888 in Holborn, England.  He married Nellie in 1911, and they moved to Islington.   They had two children, Violet, and Victor.   Sydney’s parents are unknown.

Nellie Allen

Nellie was born in 1890, location and parents are unknown.

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